By John Bridges | December 16, 2015 at 11:59 AM CST

Galveston’s Moody Gardens is a place you can find a true winter wonderland this year. The only ice exhibition on the Gulf Coast uses over 2 million pounds of ice its Iceland presentation this year.

“This year the theme is “Spongebob’s Christmas Party,” said Courtney Carr of Moody Gardens. “When you come into Iceland, you come down the street and check out where Spongebob lives, all of his friends from Bikini Bottom and it’s the first time you can actually go into the Krusty Krabb. That’s where we are right now. You can actually come in, take a seat and look at the Krabby Patties and everything is made out of ice.

A popular spot for visitors is sitting in Spongebob’s sled to get your picture taken.  That is, if you can sit on the block of ice long enough,

“People really get excited about Spongebob,” said Carr. “It’s something a lot of people have grown up on. A lot of parents have watched with their children. So to be able to see it in real life is something that people can get behind. Since we have interactive aspects like the ice slide, the whole family can try it and feel like a kid again.”

Preparation for Iceland began in the fall.

“We brought in 35 ice carvers from China. It took them 45 days to create 65 ice sculptures. They were doing everything by hand. Ice actually came in giant blocks. Those blocks had to be matched to the cartoons.”

The 28,000 square foot tent is chilled and held at a continuous temperature of nine degrees. “Iceland” and “The Festival of Lights” displays at Moody Gardens in Galveston run through January 10, 2016.

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