Chinese Lantern Festival at Fair Park, Dallas – 2013

Why Chinese Lantern Festival

The Chinese Lantern Festival transforms your venue into a magnificent spectacle to draw hundreds of thousands visitors in a short period of time. The festival bring you stunning displays of brilliant and glowing artworks in the forms of animals, insects, flowers, people, cartoon characters, and landscapes; produces a unique cultural event and create a once-of-a-lifetime experience for every guest.

“Most people think Chinese lanterns and envision small paper lanterns,” said Errol McKoy, president of the State Fair of Texas said in a news release. “Fair-goers will be amazed when they see that these lanterns are anything but that. They are large, beautiful, colorful structures that will light up the fairgrounds. The festival will be a cultural destination at this year’s State Fair of Texas.” NBC News

Why Creative Arts & Attractions

Our internationally acclaimed artists are from the Chinese city of Zigong, originator of the Chinese Lantern Festival. We are devoted to creating an interactive and visually stunning experience for every guest. We have a long history of tracking record of success.

Chinese Lantern Beautiful Giant Lotus Flower

Chinese Lantern Royal Dragon Boat

Chinese Lanterns Porcelain Dragon

Chinese Lanterns Magical Castle