“Art by days, magic by nights”. Our flower and tree artworks are beautiful during the days, and turn into magic when they light up in the dark at nights. They transform your venue into a garden with flowers of all seasons. Tree lights make your special moments even more memorable with options of music synchronization or preprogramed color changes.

Flowers of All Seasons


Lanterns of Flowers & Insects


Lanterns of Lotus & Frogs, Chinese Ducks


Fabricated Roses

Cherry Blossom

Fabricated Cherry Blossom

magic flowers

Fantastic flowers in new art form


Lanterns of Tulips

Magical Tree Lights

Magical Trees

Fabricated Magical Tree Lights

Peach Trees

Lanterns of Peach Trees

Trees and Deers

Fabricated Blossom Tree Lights

white pine tree

Pine tree in cool white lights

tree light in a park

Lighted tree in a park

pine tree

Pine tree in warm white lights

We make flowers and tress of all kinds, realistic or fictitious. Our products are available in different art forms such as lanterns, fabrication of fiberglass, metal frames, or new technologies available. Please let us know what you need and we will produce the best solutions for you.