From spectacular programmable smart LED pixel lights to twinkling and chasing string lights, we have all lights for your events or special moments. Our magical lights portfolio offers 100-foot tall giant Christmas trees with more than 250 thousands lights featured with animated letters, patterns and figures,  300-foot long music synchronized corridor made with smart LED lights, as well as lighted artworks of animals, flowers, holiday decors, landmarks and many more per customized designs.

Featured Products

Magical RGB Mega Christmas Tree

Equipped with hundreds of thousands of programable smart LED pixel lights and innovative digital controllers, this Magical Giant Christmas Tree is a unique holiday spectacle and showcases animated characters, patterns and figures to impress your visitors. Height of the tress include 100-foot, 80-foot, 60-foot, 40-foot and 32-foot.

Magical Light Corridor

A light corridor is often seen at holiday light events. This Magical Light Corridor singles itself out with features to produce patterns per customized design or synchronize to music of your choice. Each light is individually programmable. We can customize the width, height, and length of the corridor to fit your event venue.

Magical Tree Light

Featured with patent protected vivid branches, our tree lights are artworks at days and turn into magical spectacles at nights. Each tree can be customized look and height up to 30-foot. Color and pattern changes are remotely controlled. Trees have options to synchronize to music or produce pre-programmed light shows.