First Chinese lanterns were invented in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 AD) and used primarily as a light source and for the worship of the Buddha. In China and overtime throughout east Asia, lanterns became widely known, especially during the time of festivals. Today, modern Chinese lanterns have become an art of illuminated sculptures.

Chinese lanterns were rarely known by American people until the debut of Chinese Lantern Festival at State Fair of Texas in 2012. Chinese Lanterns transformed the historic lagoon into a spectacle and stunned every visitor. The festival was one of the most celebrated cultural events in Dallas and it has generated rave reviews from both the critics and attendees. Now Chinese Lantern Festival has become popular throughout the country.

Festival Videos

Chinese Lantern Festival

Festival of Magical Lights

Featured Lanterns

Porcelain Dragon

A 100-foot Porcelain Dragon made with about 15,000 pieces of porcelain dishes


Kirin, a Chinese Unicorn, each made with 5,000 bottles filled with colored water

Temple of Heaven

Replication of Temple of Heaven, a masterpiece of architecture and landscape located in Beijing, China

Lotus at Fair Park

Giant Louts at Lagoon

jelly fish

Jelly fish and beautiful corals

Christmas Tree

A 42-foot Lantern of Christmas Tree

Our factory is located in the city of Zigong in China where lantern festival was originated. With more than 30 years of experience in the lantern production industry, we have a long tracking history of success. Please contact us to customize lanterns to meet your specific needs.